Paris Hilton’s Show To Be Cancelled

I take any opportunity I can get to highlight Paris Hilton’s failures. I relish in making fun of her. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. But I don’t care because Paris is a functional retard who has for years lived off of a tape of her sucking a guy off. She hasn’t evolved like Kim Kardashian has. She’s still plays up the bumbling airhead she was five years ago.

Point being, her show The World According to Paris which drew in barely 400,000 its June premiere has been getting lower and lower ratings each episode. Consequently, Oxygen has no plans for a second season and it’s highly doubtful any network would ever take a chance on her again and if they did, no one would make any plans to watch it.

Unless it was a show where each episode forces Paris do something she hates like drink tap water, do her own taxes or date a black guy. Basically, The Simple Life Extreme Edition. The finale could be throwing her into a pit of poisonous snakes and seeing how long she’d survive.

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