Scarlett Johansson Will Have Ryan Reynolds’ Babies

Scarlett Johansson wants Ryan Reynolds back and has been calling incessantly trying to see or meet up with him or just to ask how he is. She’s even promising him babies in the hopes he’ll take her back.

Yea, that ALWAYS works. Listen, you can’t just solve a problem by throwing babies at it. Believe me, I’ve tried. The mess is a bear and they always leave a stain.

Even though a friend close to Ryan and Scarlett says that “he still loves her,” he’s keeping her at arm’s length because “he does not want to get played again. … He feels she just quit on him.”

Once of the biggest strains on their relationship was that Scarlett didn’t want to have a baby, but now she’s suddenly changing her tune.

“She’s doing everything possible to get him to take her back,” another source tells Star magazine. “Even saying she’s ready to have a baby.” [Hollywood Life]

“Eight months of a fat Scarlett Johansson? Thanks but no thanks,” Ryan Reynolds probably said.

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