Sean Avery Was Cooperative

NHL star Sean Avery, who once dated Elisha Cuthbert (hence the header pic), challenged cops to a fight this morning and called them “fat little pigs.” Wait, has he been hanging out with Alec Baldwin?

Police responded to Avery’s Hollywood Hills home this morning over a noise complaint. Right away Avery said he’d fight them all and told them to “Come back without your badges.” Avery also allegedly shoved a cop and slammed the door on them.

Turns out that’s not a good way to get rid of cops because they began to tell Avery that if he didn’t open up, they’d break the door down. Avery then began cooperating. He was booked for battering a peace officer and released on bail this morning.

Avery sounds like a tough guy. Unless he can only fight on skates and has to put on a pair of rollerblades any time someone challenges him. Then that would be pretty queer.

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