That’s Not Katy Perry Russell Brand Is Kissing

Katy Perry performed in Kansas on Wednesday night while Russell Brand stayed home, but not to worry, Russell wasn’t too lonely. He was “getting cozy” with a woman named Sadie Turner. In a few pictures that have ended up online, Brand is seen putting his arms around Sadie and giving her a kiss.

Both Brand and Turner, who sources tell have known each other for years, have huge smiles splashed across their face and at one point, the Get Him To The Greek actor plants a kiss on her head. — Radar

Of course, this is probably them just being old, good friends. Nothing to worry about, Katy Perry. You keep on touring. No need to give Brand a surprise visit like Will Smith did to Jada Pinkett. By the way, where do you keep the condoms? Oh, no reason. Just doing inventory.

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