This Explains a Lot

Wondering why a sane mother would let their 16-year-old daughter marry a 51-year-old celebrity? Because they’re not sane and are probably using the guy for publicity.

Proof of insanity? Courtney Stodden’s mom, Kristen, who’s now Courtney’s manager, says she looks up to Dina Lohan and Kris Jenner, two moms who pushed their kids into the spotlight for fame by association.

“Dina Lohan, she’s a beautiful lady, and I’m sure she loves her daughter, and she’s tried just as much as any other mother to make the right choices for her kids,” she said about the controversial matriarch of the Lohan family and often party pal of her daughter Lindsay.

The top mom on the block though? Kris Jenner who manages the Kardashian kids’ multiple careers. “Kris Jenner is a real business person who has her family’s best interests at heart.”

So, I’m guessing the timeline Kristen made up for Courtney includes a vagina flash by 17, a sex tape by 18, cocaine addiction by 19, rehab by 20 and a divorce by 21. Maybe even throw in a couple of babies along the way.

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