Trailers I Missed This Week

This isn’t a comprehensive list of every trailer that came out during the week. Rather, just the ones I thought were interesting for whatever reason.

First up, Colombiana. It’s another one of those action movies where a waif of a girl, Zoe Saldana, manages to kick the ass of guys three times her size. Not only did I have to suspend my disbelief, I had to drown it in the bathtub.

Next is Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler. I thought it was going to be like Hobo With a Shotgun based on the title but it actually looks interesting. It’s about an ex-biker-gang member who goes to East Africa to help poor black kids. All you need to know is the white man saves the day. Again. But this time with a rocket.

Then we have Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. With the advancement of CGI over all these years, why does Ghost Rider’s head still look like a No Fear t-shirt? Also, you know this is going to suck when Ghost Rider starts pissing fire like a Calvin & Hobbes pick-up truck sticker.

Finally, we have Carnage, a film by Hollywood’s favorite child molester.

Add-on: The second trailer for Tarsem Singh’s 300 spectacle, Immortals

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da' man
da' man

I wanna see that puta’s immigration papers!!!

da' man
da' man

I wanna see that puta’s immigration papers!!!

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