Beyonce Faked Her Baby Bump at VMAs

According to MediaTakeOut, Beyonce enhanced her baby bump by wearing a prosthetic belly at the MTV Video Music Awards. An insider tells MTO that while Beyonce is pregnant, she’s not in her second trimester and is little more than 8 weeks pregnant. “She wanted the announcement to be dramatic, so she made sure she had a bump.”

The picture of Beyonce on MTO shows her in Venice with Jay-Z for her 30th birthday over the weekend. The bump in that picture does seem a little less striking.

I already mentioned after the VMAs how Beyonce definitely wanted to drive home the fact she was pregnant. The over-the-top way she announced the happy news made me want to give her a virtual kick in the belly. Not to cause a virtual abortion or anything, but just to virtually give the baby a “WTF was that?!” moment.

To add a different perspective, here’s a pregnant Beyonce in a bikini.

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