Billie Joe Armstrong Kicked Off Flight for Sagging

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday for wearing saggy pants. Billie was flying from Oakland to Burbank when they told him to GTFO the flight.

He tweeted, “Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f**k? No joke!”

A 7Live Associate Producer named Cindy Qiu witnessed the incident. According to her, all the passengers were already seated and had been told to turn off their cell phones. One flight attendant went up to Armstrong and told him to pull up his pants.

Armstrong dismissed the request asking, “Don’t you have better things to do then worry about that?” Maybe, but no one talks back to the flight attendant. “Don’t you know who I am?,” they probably said to Billie. They asked him again to pull up his pants and this time threatened to kick him off. “I’m just trying to get to my f**king seat,” replied Billie.

Seconds later, the power tripping flight attendant had Armstrong and his friend thrown off the flight. A Southwest rep responded to his tweet shortly after, “Very sorry for your experience tonight, someone from our Customer Relations Team will reach out to you to get more details.”

I’m surprised the flight attendant didn’t ask Billie to address him as his majesty and make him kiss his ring before throwing him off. That’s what I would have done if I was that flight’s dictator of fashion. And in mid-flight, I’d have the passengers serve me instead of the other way around.

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10 years ago

Southwest Airlines are my heroes of the week! My wife and 8 month old flew to China last night; over ten hours. We have enough to worry about without some American clown coming on board when everyone else is seated and waiting to go, wearing a costume that shows his contempt for everyone, and clearly stating that he will not follow the directions of those charged with service and safety.

10 years ago
Reply to  Keir

Your heroes? Are you kidding? They let him fly. Cow-towing to some idiot who doesn’t have enough self respect to cover his backside.
I would say that Southwest was the one who showed contempt for all the other passengers by apologizing to him and then letting him take his seat. I hope they put a seat cover down on his seat in case he left any “skid” marks.

I blame Green Day 4 Katy crap pop Perry
I blame Green Day 4 Katy crap pop Perry
10 years ago

Broadway show = shark jumped

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