Bradley Cooper Dating Jennifer Lopez Now

Both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez are single so why not help each other out career-wise? That sounded like the plan as the two were spotted at Per Se in NYC having a “romantic” dinner.

Located in Columbus Circle, the acclaimed restaurant is just the spot for a quiet but luxurious tete-a-tete. “People come here for privacy,” the host added.

“They were here for a while,” another staffer at Columbus Circle noted. — Us

However, a different source tells PEOPLE that the dinner was strictly business. What business could they have together? The source explains they were “in discussions regarding a project.” Then the source made a hole with one hand and furiously thrust his index finger in and out of it.

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12 years ago

Most celebrities keep there romance a secret for as long as they possibly can. But as far as Brad and Jen starting a new relationship, why not? They are both georgous and look so amazing and cute together!!