Bradley Cooper Got Cozy With Scarlett Johansson

If all that whispering is true and Bradley Cooper is gay, then his people have done a damn fine job making it seem otherwise. Cooper and Scarlett Johansson, who co-starred in He’s Just Not That Into You back in 2009, were spotted at Provocateur nightclub in NYC.

Bradley and Scarlett arrived with some friends including model Cheyenne Tozzi around 2 a.m. A few drinks later, Bradley stopped flirting with Cheyenne and turned his attention to Scarlett. “The duo were hand in hand and more than flirty by the end of the night!,” says Life & Style.

“They were here with a group of friends and ordered champagne,” says a second eyewitness. “The group was having a good time together.”

A rep for Johansson maintains that the pair are “just friends and have been for years.” — NYDN

Bradley Cooper is a handsome, charming actor who speaks fluent French. Of course he’s going to bang Scarlett Johansson. Having ovaries and trying to resist that would be like trying to resist the gravitational pull from Christina Aguilera’s new found mass. It’s just not going to happen.

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