It’s Marilyn Manson and Shia LaBeouf’s Brainchild

After seeing the Shia LaBeouf directed Kid Cudi video, Marilyn Manson was so impressed that he decided to team up with Shia to have him direct an almost seven minute “promotional trailer.” The resulting video focuses on the “Born Villain” track and is like a goth Un Chien Andalou. Says Shia,

…“we tried to make Manson’s Un Chien Andalou macabre Macbeth — that’s sort of what that became”, with further references to obscure short films like Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film The Holy Mountain and the work of Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel. The resulting clip is a mish-mash of dark, violent imagery, including unsanitary medical procedures, limb removal, blood spitting, and Manson offering free haircuts. In short, it’s the standard twisted visuals Marilyn Manson has built a career on. — MTV

The video is NSFW due to a bunch of nudity and one scene where Manson puts an eyeball into a vagina.

Check out the video here.

Anyone notice that Manson is looking more “normal” these days? I think it’s the receding hairline combined with minor weight gain. This is what happens with goth meets middle-age.

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12 years ago

MArilyn Manson needs a serious nutritional overhaul. He looked was better back when he was thin. Hire a trainer and nutritionist, go vegetarian – something!

12 years ago

Awesome Video though, always liked MM vids.