Jennifer Aniston Wants an Apology

On September 15, Brad Pitt told Parade magazine what everyone already knew. That Jennifer Aniston was boring and that “he wasn’t living an interesting life” before Jolie and was “trying to pretend my marriage was something that it wasn’t.” He since issued a statement saying his words were misinterpreted but only because Aniston was pissed and her people pressured him into doing so. The truth does indeed hurt.

And, yes, his 42-year-old ex-wife got wind of the catty comment. “She was annoyed,” a pal close to the Horrible Bosses actress tells the new Us Weekly, out now. “She thought it was rude and inappropriate.”

Team Aniston — her agent and publicists — “went ballistic,” a Pitt insider reveals, and angrily reached out to Pitt’s camp.

“They got his team involved and Brad was read the riot act — the only way you can read the riot act to Brad Pitt,” the source says.

Within 24 hours, Pitt had surprisingly released a statement lamenting that his words were misinterpreted, and that his former love “is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman.”

Still, the Pitt source says, “no one believes his words were taken out of context — he said what he said. I do hear that he’s remorseful.” — Us

The source adds that “We think he’s jealous she’s in love.” And why wouldn’t he be? Sure, he’s got Angelina Jolie, six kids, millions of dollars and a highly successful film career but Aniston has a boyfriend who dresses like Ghost Rider, multiple failed relationships, a ticking biological clock and a dull personality. If I were Brad, I’d be jealous too if she was in love with someone other than me. Clearly, she’d have everything while I’d have nothing.

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12 years ago

What is so bad about saying he wasn’t living an interesting life? That’s why my ex and I divorced – neither of us was being true to ourselves and wound up being untrue to eac other. It’s the reason a lot of people separate – it’s no insult to Aniston.

12 years ago

ok  but it is rude to say that she is dull…I thimk she is a very interesting and intelegent woman