Jessica Biel Will Trap Justin Timberlake With a Baby

I like The Enquirer and their made up stories. They’re entertaining at times. I wonder if they just sit around a boardroom coming up with insane but somewhat plausible gossip they can print? Because that sounds pretty fun. The latest rumor they started is that Jessica Biel, hoping to tie down Justin Timberlake, is going off birth control and getting pregnant.

One insider told The ENQUIRER: “Jessica is convinced that Justin is going to propose soon and they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together.

“She’s also telling her friends that she can’t wait to be pregnant.”

Still, Justin and Jessica don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to having a baby, said another source.

“Justin is going along with it, but the feeling is that he’s just saying what he has to,” explained the source. — TNQ

Going along with it? Sure. I guess that’s why Justin spent the night of Sept. 14 at Scarlett Johansson’s house. Sleeping with other women is usually what I do when someone wants to have a baby with me. Because clearly my condoms are going to have pin pricks in them and cheating is the next best contraceptive.

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12 years ago

S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Sign of dangerous criminal  activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian educated and licensed pediatrician doctor