Jon Gosselin Is the Voice of Reason

Jon Gosselin, no longer able to afford Ed Hardy shirts or fancy vacays, traded in his dwindling fame for a job installing solar panels. He swore off interviews, shying away from the public spotlight, except, apparently, when he has the chance to lord over Kate Gosselin. Hence, this interview he did with RumorFix in response to Kate’s whiny diatribe.

“Reality TV is not a career. Get back to a normal life — a simple life. Provide for your family.”

“Things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids – people work normal jobs and things work out. Everything is possible.”

“I don’t have a farm on 24 acres and the kids seem to have a great time at my house.”

“I go to work every day and provide for my family,” he tells us. “I spend time with my kids – spend time on the weekends. I spend time with the girlfriend I’ve had for over a year now. And enjoy a normal lifestyle.”

I’m pretty sure Kate stopped listening after “normal life” and started hyperventilating before driving off in her Audi TT to do some retail therapy with her kids’ lunch money.

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12 years ago

I watched the video. First of all, he says he pays child support. Should’ve been the other way around. Kate MUST have way more money than him.

Second, he sounds pretty normal now, realizing what life’s really about, supporting your kids. That makes up for all those Ed Hardy shirts I guess.

Kate’s the one who can’t get enough of the Fame Monster.

Poppas lookin like Santa
Poppas lookin like Santa
12 years ago

He is a mess
Too many kids with a mental, fame whore , Type A chick.