Jon Jones Doesn’t Want Steven Seagal Training Him

MMA Fighting caught up with Steven Seagal backstage following Saturday’s UFC 135 main event and talked to him about Jon Jones’ win over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. You should watch this interview. It’s amazing and a little sad.

Here’s some background. Allegedly, Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva the front kick that he used to knockout Vitor Belfort and the one Lyoto Machida used to knock out Randy Couture. Anderson Silva even thanked Seagal in his post-fight speech.

Well, now Seagal fancies himself an MMA trainer and wanted to talk to Jon Jones before his fight with Rampage. In the nicest way possible, Jones told him to get lost, saying he didn’t want to disrespect his current trainers.

Asked whether he thought Jon Jones was going to win, Seagal was taken aback. Of course he knew Jones was going to win. As Seagal says, he “has a pretty good eye” for these things as he’s been “fighting his whole life.” Asked about the front kick Jones tried on Rampage, Seagal said he saw it but scoffed and said he hadn’t taught it to him yet. Which is why it didn’t work.

I can’t tell whether Steven Segal is trolling or if he’s just so incredibly delusional that he thinks he knows what he’s talking about. Either way, it should be amusing when he asks Dana White for a one-off fight with a Monte Cristo sandwich. “Imma front kick that b*tch into my mouf.”

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