Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant Too

Not content to let InTouch Weekly pump out all the questionable pregnancy rumors, the new issue of OK! Magazine claims Kim Kardashian may also have a kid on the way. Granted, they don’t straight out say she’s pregnant. They carefully allude to it so they don’t get in trouble.

“Kim said she’s late,” a pal tells OK!. “She was supposed to get her period and didn’t.” OK! Magazine

Adding fuel to the baby fire, they claim Kim’s biological clock is ticking and that she has a baby-name book where she looks up the meaning of every K name she comes across. The book, no doubt titled “K is for Karl” and written by Kris Kardashian, is a perfect source of retarded baby names for unimaginative celebs.

Anyway, I refuse to believe if Kim was really pregnant, she wouldn’t have beat out OK!’s report by going to PEOPLE for a cover story and signed a deal with E! to air an 8 hour birthing special.

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