Lindsay Lohan Still Causing Scenes at Fashion Week Part II

Lindsay Lohan is still at New York Fashion Week but it sounds like she’s wearing out her welcome real fast. The latest “Lindsay is an intolerable b*tch” story comes from the Women’s Wear Daily Twitter account. They tweeted last night, “Lindsay Lohan just threw a full drink at a boy at V magazine party who dared to snap her pic. #NYFW.”

This was different from the last story where she and friends forced a pap to delete pictures of her as the photog in this case was Jasper Rischen, a professional photographer shooting for V Magazine. He tweeted, “Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for@vmagazine…” (He punctuated his tweet with a more colorful descriptor.) The descriptor was “C.u.n.t.” if you were curious.

Lindsay Lohan has a knack for burning bridges wherever she goes. But, hey, at least this will make it easier when she does her next woe-is-me interview where she claims everyone is out to get her.

Granted, if I was sporting a fancy new double chin like Lindsay, I wouldn’t want my picture being taken either. I guess that’s why she pushed her chest up so much. She’s like a magician with her masterful misdirection.

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12 years ago

This. Loser.

12 years ago

Is she back on the cock or sticking with the pussy?