Lindsay Lohan Still Causing Scenes at Fashion Week

Fresh off bringing a pirate to the Cynthia Rowley show and being compared to Donatella Versace, Lindsay Lohan struck again. This time on the spiral stars at Beauty & Essex where Paper magazine and Nine West were celebrating Karen Elson’s new shoe and accessories line for the brand. Does that mean anything to anyone?

Anyway, soon after Karen Elson finished her set, Lindsay Lohan started yelling at a photog to “Delete those pictures! Delete them right now!” She screamed this as the photog clutched his camera to him like a dying baby. Reports The Cut,

Eventually, we summoned the nerve to squeeze by Lohan, only to brush her on the way down, causing her to hiss, “don’t be a c*nt,” before she returned to haranguing the photographer. A few minutes later, two scrums had formed — one of Lohan’s friends around the photographer, watching him as he appeared to delete each of the offending photos; the other of Nine West and event staffers, furiously whispering that “she needs to leave.”

I assume wherever Lindsay goes, someone always undoubtedly utters the line “she needs to leave.” And I hear every time the phrase is said, somewhere out there a crackhead gets their rock.

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12 years ago

Why wouldn’t the photog stand his ground and tell them ‘no’? Besides, deleting doesn’t do anything. You can still retrieve it off the card using recovery programs. Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

Fish Monger
Fish Monger
12 years ago

Haha WTF Lindsay looks like a strange fish. She’s so trashy & should thank any photog for using space on their CF Card for her weathered ass.