Matthew Morrison Wants to Settle Jonah Hill Feud Like Men

There’s nothing more entertaining than a fake feud between skinny Jonah Hill and that guy from Glee. I’m on the edge of my seat with this one.

Last week, Jonah Hill told Jimmy Fallon that Matthew Morrison bullied him at “some douchey Hollywood party.” First by giving him a hard time and then by turning him into a punchline of one of his jokes.

Morrison hit up Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and proposed they settle their feud face to face like men.

“I heard that Jonah said I should bring my sh-t next time,” Morrison says in a video shot on the Glee set and aired on Wednesday’s Fallon. “Well guess what, this is next time.”

“Jonah, pick a date and I will meet you on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and we will settle this like men. Because nobody messes with someone from musical theatre,” Morrison said, before he grabbed a cane and danced an impromptu jig on the Glee set. Us Magazine

Yep, there’s nothing more manly than settling a blown out of proportion disagreement with a song and a dance. Even if it was a self-deprecating joke. Maybe afterward they can go out for ice cream and paint each others nails. I bet skinny Jonah Hill would like that.

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Burton Guster
Burton Guster
12 years ago

Matthew Morrison has an overly high opinion of his acting abilities if he really thinks he can pull off being a man.  (Yes, I said pull off, and man in the same sentence. ;)

12 years ago
Reply to  Burton Guster

He is implying that Jonah should have said something to him at the time of the incident rather than waiting until he had an audience in front of him.  That is what a man would do. 

Gurton Buster
Gurton Buster
12 years ago

what do guys from Glee know about being men?? Jonah Hill is the epitome of a “man” with his new v-shape and sharp teeth. He’s even got Mad Men hair now……so……Mad Men is real and based on fact, Glee is pathetic and based on…..i don’t know, something fake like the Bible or something…