Nicole Richie Got New Boobs

An insider tells Us Weekly that Nicole Richie, who once proclaimed, “I really don’t like [having big boobs],” got implants over the summer. Her new chesties were on display while vacationing in Mexico a few days ago.

“In the past, she said she wanted a lift, though we never thought she was serious,” another source says of Richie.

Still, “she’s been open about it to friends,” notes the first insider. Us Weekly

Another source claims she did it for her husband Joel Madden. There’s a name people haven’t heard in a while. “The pregnancies took a toll. She said breast-feeding killed what boobs she did have.”

Wait. Is that possible? Can someone have inverted boobs? They were probably all deflated and saggy and looked like Droopy’s eyes. If there was one word to describe how Nicole’s chest looked pre-surgery, it would be “sad”. Now it’s all good. “Momma’s got a new set of tits!,” she yelled at her kid who sat there dumbstruck.

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