Olivia Munn Wants Five Kids

Olivia Munn is getting pretty big. Mostly because she got good at marketing herself. Rumor that she was dating Justin Timberlake to get into the spotlight? Check.

Wanting a USO tour to visit troops stationed overseas to endear herself to America? “I’ve been trying to figure it out and work it out and come up with the right, perfect time to do it. I’ll go anywhere. I don’t care, just give me a back pack and some Capri-Suns and I’m good. I’d love to.” Check.

Wanting five kids not all of which are pushed through her vagina? “I don’t know if I want to have five actual children coming out of my vagina, but adoption is important to me because there’s so many children that need a home and need love.” Check.

Being a realist about fame thus not alienating herself from the public? “When I see people who get ‘outed’ I do think it’s strange honestly, because you don’t have to go to certain places,” Munn added. “Just be careful who you tell, because I don’t tell many people in my life. My two best friends are an architect and a nurse, my two best girlfriends. They’re my friends, they don’t care about this whole world.” Check.

If Olivia Munn keeps listening to her publicists, she’ll go far. Especially now that she dropped a clue that she dated an actor for four months that no one knew about.

“People also thought I was linked to Matt Morrison, who’s actually a very good friend of mine, and that wasn’t true at all. He was being super jokey, but he’s one of my best guy friends in the world, and literally it was a situation of weird camera angles where it looks like I’m kissing him and I’m really just flipping my head,” she said. “But other than that, I dated someone for four months, not that long ago, and no one knew, and he’s an actor.” — FOX

Now everyone wants to know who it was. But don’t look at me, I have no clue. The furthest I’ve gone into researching it is entering “Olivia” into Google before getting bored and replacing it with “free porn.”

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10 years ago

She says only “huge” things are allowed IN her vagina, why would she care if giant babies came OUT?

10 years ago

She’s gong nowhere. Everything she’s in fails because she’s not a good actress. If her projects continue to fail, people won’t care.

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