Stop Giving Kate Gosselin Ideas!

Earlier reports indicated Kate Gosselin is growing increasingly frustrated that she can’t land a new reality tv series to keep up her lavish lifestyle of $200 haircuts, free vacations and private school for eight kids. No studio wants to hire her because no one wants to watch a shrew screeching at the cameras. Kate has since gone on Twitter to blast those rumors.

“NOT 1 stitch of truth in radar article, once again… & radar u can’t even report my website properly! It’s:” Kate Gosselin’s Twitter

HuffPo was the first to report it, not Radar, but whatever. A new article explains to Kate why she nor her kids, save for one, may be getting any offers. Usually, kids that break into the business are a triple threat like Miley Cyrus. They also need natural talent or a “flair for drama, which Mady has displayed on the show for years.” Oh, gee. I wonder where she got that from? CoughKateGosselinCough. Sorry, something was stuck in my throat.

“The people who break through from reality to TV and film are the ones who have talent, like Jennifer Hudson,” says agent Mara Santino, who discovered Chace Crawford. “You have to have talent in order to work. They’re not going to hire you because you were on a reality show.”

No, “they” won’t. But they may take a meeting or a phone call or slide the kid into an audition she wouldn’t normally get. That’s the upside.

“With children you have nothing to lose by taking a meeting,” says Bonnie Shumofsky of Abrams Artists’ Youth Department. “When someone has a name, sure, they are more likely to get in the door. But there’s no promise you will get past that.” MSNBC

What they do predict is a stage mother show for Mady. Sort of like what Dina Lohan did for Lindsay Lohan. I don’t see how anything can go wrong.

So where is Mady most likely to end up, if not on a musical Disney series? Would you be shocked to hear that I am predicting another reality show, one charting the ups and downs of stage mom Kate Gosselin’s quest for daughter Mady’s fame?

“That’s the show I would bank on,” O’Leary speculates. “A stage mother show. It would be the easiest thing to do.” MSNBC

You fool! Why did you give Kate Gosselin this idea? Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve doomed us all!

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12 years ago

Mady who? she’s just like her mother.  who would watch her?

11 years ago

Now that we are rid of her and Jersey Shore, we can rid TV of all the housewife shows. Especially the New Jersey clan. When did it become fashionable for Americans to abuse one another. Andy Cohen must really hate women, he shows them in such a terrible light. Granted he gets plenty of help from these overindulged, pampered and bad tempered women but he is awful himself. Thank God, no more Kate or Jersey Shore – we can only hope the housewives go the same route.