Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon Chatted About ‘Vain’ Jake Gyllenhaal

Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift finally hung out after bonding at the Academy of Country Music Awards over the fact that they’re both from Tennessee. They got lunch at Boa Steakhouse last week and ended up talking about their mutual ex, Jake Gyllenhaal.

“They talked about how vain and self-aborbed Jake can be,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They laughed about it.”

Jake Gyllenhaal’s exes getting together for lunch to laugh about how he stares into the mirror every night and asks who in the land is the fairest of all? Yep. Looks like everything went as expected.

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Jealous as hell
Jealous as hell
12 years ago

I wish TS had enough personal info re: me to bitch about…

12 years ago

That’s bad, when you’re exes get together and talk about you is really bad xD