The Game Plays the Race Card

The Game and friends hit up Hillstone’s in Santa Monica but the manager refused to seat them. He told The Game that the dress code required sleeves and The Game wasn’t wearing any. Well, excuse me, your majesty.

That’s when The Game and his entourage threw out the race card. They say there were two white guys in the restaurant with sleeveless shirts. Naturally, The Game went on Twitter to b*tch and moan and call the manager a slave master. This is easily translated to “wah wah, I’m famous, don’t you know who I am?”

Game believes the 86’ing was racially motivated — and took to Twitter moments ago — telling his 644,000 followers, “Houston’s just went from my favorite resturant to the “RACIST-URANT” !!!!”

The rapper added, “Hillstone’s racist-urant formerly known as Houston’s & their slave-master manager Valerie has just made #1 on the RACIST resturant list !” — TMZ

A rep for the restaurant says The Game actually pointed out a sleeveless woman at the bar and the dress code doesn’t apply to ladies. Which makes the real victim of this story that lone woman. It must suck to be constantly confused for two sleeveless men.

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