The Woman Ashton Kutcher Cheated With Lawyers Up

For the umpteenth time, Star Magazine is reporting that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are getting a divorce. This time an expensive one. The new issue says, “World Exclusive It’s Over! Demi & Ashton’s $290 million divorce!” They say it’s because Ashton Kutcher constantly cheats on Demi Moore.

“Ashton and Demi have separated and the marriage is over,” a source close to the pair told Star. “The relationship ended because of Ashton’s serial cheating. It’s a painful time for Demi.” Star Magazine

This time, however, Star might be on to something. A tipster over at The Dirty claims Ashton Kutcher hooked up with a blonde named Sara Leal at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego last Friday night. I suppose he met her at Fluxx. Sara Leal wants $250,000 for her story/details which lead many to believe the rumor is true.

Nik, I’m going to be straight to the point. I’m a female who works at who happens to be friends with Sara Leal, probably not after this. I’m sick to my stomach over what happen last Friday night. Like most people on earth I worshiped Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore until Ashton Kutcher f*cked my friend Sara Leal at 4:30AM technically Saturday morning in his room on the 12 floor at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego. Ashton Kutcher told Sara Leal that him and Demi Moore are separated and the public doesn’t know yet. Smooth line Ashton, she was going to f*ck you anyway. Nik if you want to verify any of this just call Sara Leal yourself or ask Deena Omari. Better yet subpoena Ashton’s bodyguard who took her phone before she came into the room. The Dirty

Today, lending more credence to the story, Radar reports that Sara Leal has lawyered up with a “top Hollywood attorney.”

“She is due to meet with an attorney tonight (Tuesday). She is freaking out.” Radar

If I was Ashton, I would cheat on Demi Moore all the time too. Demi Moore is cool and all but she’s no random blonde girl you find on the eve of your six-year wedding anniversary with your wife. Those are the best. And, hey, maybe this was an early anniversary present to himself. They allegedly have an open marriage and God knows that watch Demi got him certainly wasn’t going to cut it.

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Ernest DeBrew III
12 years ago

I could honestly tell that the couple were going to break up because Demi looks happy while Ashton looks sad. 

Winly Mallard
Winly Mallard
12 years ago

That’s sad. I hope Demi Moore just goes gay.