Actress Suing IMDB Revealed?

According to Erika in the comments (thanks Erika), the anonymous actress suing IMDB for $1 million for revealing her age may not be so anonymous anymore. The actress is supposedly Junie Hoang. I’m not 100% sure it’s her because I can’t find any news items about it but the description fits.

She’s of Asian descent, studied at Texas A&M earning a B.S. in Biomedical Science and she’s 40-years-old on IMDB but claims to be 33 on Model Mayhem. I’m not exactly sure what she’s doing on Model Mayhem since there is no portfolio but whatever.

She doesn’t look 40 but since every casting agent can look her up on IMDB, she should just use a pseudonym like Nic Cage. She can call herself Monica Hoang and tell all the casting agents that Junie is her less talented older sister. It’s similar to what I do when the police question me. I put a finger on my lip so it looks like I have a mustache and tell them I’m Carlos and that they have me confused with my evil twin.