Blake Lively Ditched DiCaprio for Ryan Reynolds

According to an insider, Blake Lively broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio because things were moving too fast. Leo was ready to start a family while Blake, 24, wasn’t ready to settle down.

Sure it could be that or it could be Blake Lively wanted to bang Ryan Reynolds. A different source says Blake isn’t fazed by the breakup at all. They say she hooked up with Ryan Reynolds at his apartment in Boston and making out when he took her to her 5am train.

“When Ryan took Blake to catch her train back to NYC they were making out and looked really happy together. Blake was wearing a big hat and it fell off as she made out with Ryan on the escalator at the train station. It was really early and he was even wheeling her suitcase for her! He wanted to make sure she caught the train so he waited until she got on.”

Ryan and Blake reportedly ran into each other at the Radiohead concert in NYC. When they both realized that they needed to be in Boston for the weekend they decided to take the ritzy Acela train together. Ryan is in Boston shooting his upcoming flick R.I.P.D. and Blake needed to be at a cooking event at upscale sushi eatery O Ya. Ironically Ryan’s ex-wife Scarlett Johansson was reportedly with Ryan at the concert when he ran into Blake.

“They kept kissing on the platform and looked like they were a couple,” our source says. “It’s clear she’s over Leo, but as for how serious she is with Ryan? Who knows.” Hollywood Life

If Blake doesn’t want to settle down, it’s a good idea to ditch Leo and go with Ryan Reynolds. He just got out of a marriage with Scarlett Johansson so he’s not looking to add another failed marriage to his resume. It’s not like she’s trading down either. Ryan Reynolds is on track to be a big star too and he’s way more muscular than Leo. And that’s what I’m told women look for in a man. *Flexes bicep* Grrr.

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10 years ago

This girl is awesome. So good at climbing the Hollywood ladder. I see some more movie roles in the future for her.

10 years ago

Does she have more permanent sheet wrinkles on her back or her knees?

10 years ago

I’m sure He was Leo who dumped her, weeks ago. He is already dating another model and defenetely he doesn’t want to settle down. Why date 20 years old models if you wanna start a family?

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