Blake Lively Spent the Night at Ryan Reynold’s Apartment

Blake Lively was seen leaving Ryan Reynolds’ apartment in Boston early Saturday morning with their dogs. So if you wanted to know if Ryan Reynolds was banging Blake Lively, I think you have your answer. And if you’re still unsure, a source says they’re seeing each other casually.

Their budding romance has been milling since Lively, 24, parted ways with her beau of five months Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this month. (Reynolds officially divorced Scarlett Johansson in July.) The Gossip Girl actress has been spotted visiting Reynolds for three weekends in a row now in Boston, where the 33-year-old is currently shooting action flick R.I.P.D.

In addition to a sushi date, the pair was also spotted at Beantown’s South Station, where Reynolds was seen giving Lively an affectionate goodbye.Us Weekly

Ryan Reynolds seems like a good rebound after Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s way better than mine which was basically a mop with lipstick on it. That may sound pathetic, but may I inform you that moppy never talked back. Jealous?

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