Chet Haze Has an Official Video

Everyone rejoice! As a followup to his first music video for “Another Chance,” Tom Hanks’ other son, Chet Haze, released an official video for his next big hit among Northwestern students, “Hollywood.” This song is a major departure from his first one about being a sweaty rapper.

I’m not sure how douchey he wanted to make himself look but judging from the video, I’m assuming very. The premise is Chet is a skeezy photographer shooting a cute blonde (Kelly Daly) who he says he’d like to make into a big movie star and promises fame to. Lyrics include smooth lines like “I can see the star in you/Let me be your agent/I can make you famous.”

But, like 90% of the girls who show up at “talent agencies” in Hollywood, she buys it and ends up back in his hotel room where he’ll no doubt film themselves having sex and put it on the internet after making her sign a consent form.

Using your status to trick a girl into having sex with you? That Chet Haze seems like such a gentleman. If I was a chick, I’d swoon right about now. He’s. Just. So. Suave. Video after the jump.

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