Courtney Stodden’s Mother Wanted Her to Marry

The Daily Beast raised their eyebrows when they were told it’d cost them $10,000 to interview Courtney Stodden so they did the next best thing and interviewed her mother for free. Not exactly what they were hoping for but it was probably more revealing than an interview with Courtney would have been.

Courtney’s mother, Krista, tells The Daily Beast, among other things, that she actually pushed for the marriage. Sure, Chris Hansen warned people time and time again about internet pedophiles, but How to Catch a Predator was largely propaganda and this was different. As it tends to be.

“It was a very beautiful, loving, nonsexual type of turn,” Keller says. “It was very admirable on his end. Then he called to tell me they were falling for each other. I could really tell my daughter had the kind of love when you want to marry a man or be with a man. Even though she was just 16, I knew it was going to take a pretty big man to handle her because of her sexuality and because of the attention she gets.”

Hutchison said he’d wait until Courtney turned 18 to pursue a romantic relationship. But Keller had another idea. In 39 states, 16-year-olds are allowed to marry with the consent of a parent or guardian, and she would support such a union.

“I had felt and lived it and seen how it matured to love,” Keller says. “See, with Courtney, with the way she looks: how is she ever going to know if someone loves her for how she looks or for her heart? I wanted her to be with somebody—and she wanted to be with somebody—that loved her for her heart. So this was perfect for her! To have a long-distance relationship to where they could just communicate through words, there was no sexual anything, we knew he loved her for her heart.” The Daily Beast

And as far as Krista is concerned, Doug isn’t stealing Courtney’s teen years. He’s saving her from them.

“These people that say, ‘You could have waited,’ I really don’t understand this way of thinking,” says Keller, who is the same age as her son-in-law. “Why do parents think that kids need to have those teen years spent going out with different boys, going out in different cars, going out on the beach together alone? There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens in those teen years. They end up being killed in car crashes due to driving with people that have been drinking. Oh, but they’re gonna have their teen years. My daughter is safe. I know where my daughter is.”

She’s right. Why do you need a bunch of random hook-ups when you have a 51-year-old who loves you. This is for the best. There was a 90% chance Courtney would have moved to LA, got into porn and ended up with a 51-year-old producer anyway.

  • It’s just as difficult, and sometimes it’s even harder, especially when your partner finds out you’re bisexual.

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    Guess she couldn’t find some other rich guy to take her in.

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