Demi and Ashton Turning to Kabbalah

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher received counseling from Kabbalah over the summer to help fix their marriage. That worked wonders because Ashton hooked up with Sara Leal. Possibly multiple times. Ergo, they’re hoping Kabbalah will help their marriage again.

Both spent time Friday morning at the Kabbalah Center in LA though the two arrived and left separately.

Ashton “looked worried” while Demi left out of a side door to avoid being seen. Reports said the couple had been undergoing Kabbalah counseling in recent months. Their reps again stayed silent last night. Page Six

How many magic red bracelets are needed to fix this marriage? It sounds like a tough case so I’d say 20. But they have to remember to buy the special red bracelets which cost around $1,000 each or else it won’t work. Sure, they look like they were crafted from regular yarn from Michael’s but in reality, they’ve been blessed by high priests and soaked in the tears of the unborn.

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