Eddie Cibrian Had a Fantastic Tuesday

Yesterday was a landmark day for Eddie Cibrian. He was on top of the world. Not only did he find out NBC canceled his show The Playboy Club after only three episodes but he ended up with a huge, annoying gash. And I’m not talking about LeAnn Rimes. Haha, no, seriously, offensive jokes aside, he actually did end up with a huge gash on his heel.

Eddie Cibrian was hurt Tuesday night on the Chicago set of The Playboy Club, according to a report, adding injury to insult on a day when NBC canceled the much-maligned period drama.

Cibrian, 38, the husband of country singer LeAnn Rimes, suffered a deep gash on his right heel after he caught it under a 200-lb. steel door, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. No other details were available. PEOPLE

The good news is he’ll have time to heal (get it? I’m hilarious!) as he won’t have to come into work next week, or the week after that, or the week after that…

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