Hugh Jackman Dressed Up as a School Girl and Karaoked With Robert Pattinson

Promoting Real Steel, Hugh Jackman talked about the time him, director Baz Luhrmann and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson karaoked together in a bar in Tokyo. The only thing is is Robert Pattinson didn’t want to dress up like a Japanese school girl with Hugh while doing karaoke. What’s up with that, Robert Pattinson?!

“I actually did karaoke with Rob. That’s random, isn’t it?” he said. “We were on our way to Japan, and he was promoting [‘Twilight’] and I didn’t talk to him at all on the flight, because he’s this really tall guy with a hood over his head literally, and every time I’d go to the bathroom, I’d be like, ‘Man, that guy takes some serious sleeping pills,’ because this was him [slumps over] the whole time.”

But the twosome quickly went from strangers on a plane to friends at a bar. “When he got out, I was like, ‘Hey, man,’ and Baz Luhrmann was also on the flight because we were promoting ‘Australia.’ So we went out to this Japanese karaoke bar, and we invited Rob, and he came,” he said. “And it was so much fun. Man, he’s got a voice. Really soulful.”

Jackman expanded a bit on the night’s debauchery, revealing what really goes on at a Japanese karaoke bar, for the uninitiated.

“The first thing you do is you get inside this room, the doors are closed, and there’s, like, eight of you,” Jackman explained. “So it feels a little weird. And then all of a sudden, they open, and they bring in these boxes, which are basically [full of] dress-up [clothes], and it’s all girls’ clothes. I was a schoolgirl, Baz got dressed up, and Rob did not. He was too cool for school.” MTV News

I wonder if these bars are designed specifically for famous celebrities like Hugh Jackman. First they dress up like Japanese schoolgirls for an innocent night of crooning and the next thing you know, a video of them ends up in an obscure fetish shop in the Red Light District. It’s like the new tentacle rape.

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Why, is it his burfday?