Hugh Jackman Peed His Pants Onstage

Two embarrassing Hugh Jackman stories in one day? It must be Christmas.

Hugh Jackman talked to Rachael Ray about the first show he ever did, Beauty and the Beast, and it turned out to be the first but maybe not the last time he urinated on himself in front of a live audience.

“The first show I ever did, singing and dancing, was Beauty and the Beast. I was playing Gaston,” Jackman, 42, tells Rachael Ray in an interview airing Friday. “Gaston has red tights, knee high boots, and it’s very physical. I had headaches everyday for two months. I went to an astropath [psychic] and he said ‘Well, you’re dehydrated.’ So of course [following his advice] I had four liters of water,” says Jackman of his 1996 theater days in Melbourne, Australia.

“I go down to the stage, getting ready for my first number…and I’m like I really need to go again. [The routine is] the most cardiovascular song I’ve ever done: literally I’m picking up Belle and as I pick her up, I stopped singing and right in that moment I realized the muscles you need to release in order to sing are the ones you do not want to release if you need to go,” the actor tells Ray.

“I’m carrying her [over one shoulder] not singing, and she’s going ‘What’s going on? What’s going on?’ So finally, it’s embarrassing at this point,” he tells Ray. “I’ve not sung an entire verse.” Us Weekly

This is why I wear adult diapers under my tights while doing physically demanding song and dance numbers and regularly do my kegel exercises. So I don’t embarrass myself like Hugh Jackman did. Bet he wishes he was wearing a fancy diaper that day, huh? *Scoffs, pulls up Depends, pirouettes*

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