Jennifer Lopez Cried on Stage

Jennifer Lopez began crying after singing a song about past lovers during her concert Sunday night. She told the crowd she would sing them the last song she wrote about love.

Lopez, 42, then launched into “Until It Beats No More” while dancers re-enacted scenes with the singer and some of the men from her past. A Lopez lookalike danced with guys who looked a lot like her exes Diddy, Cris Judd and Ben Affleck.

The final couple to appear in the spotlight danced much like Lopez and her estranged husband during their American Idol performance in May, just weeks before they announced their split.

After she was done, Lopez told the sold-out crowd, “I took a trip down memory lane” – and then started to cry as the crowd applauded. PEOPLE

Ugh. If I had to sit through this, my jaw would be dislocated from yawning so hard. This is so sappy it belongs on a Hallmark card. Any guy in the audience would have sprouted a vagina right then and there.

Sidenote: That guy’s expression in the header pic…

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10 years ago

Boo Hoo Heart of Stone
Typical Leo bullsheet!!!

10 years ago

Crying just for show and the drama it brings.

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