Jessica Simpson Negotiating Deal to Announce Pregnancy

Wondering why you haven’t heard any confirmation about Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy on the cover of PEOPLE? Because according to Page Six, she’s still negotiating a deal with the help of her father/manager Joe Simpson. The Simpsons are asking for $500,000.

That’s a lot of money to confirm something everyone seems to think they know as Page Six says “Jessica has been hiding an obvious bump in recent photos.” But I’m still not sure she’s pregnant. Although maybe Jessica has to get pregnant now with all these rumors or else she’ll eventually have to admit on the cover of a weekly that she was just fat all along.

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12 years ago

How sleezy!  To try and sell your baby announcement.  She is so obviously pregnant.  The only other explaination is that she has a huge tumor and needs to go to the ER asap.  I wouldn’t by any magazine or watch a show that has her announcing what is already apparent. 
That family needs to get some class.