Justin Bieber Lost His Swagger Coach

I have no idea what a swagger coach is or what a swagger coach does but Justin Bieber doesn’t have one anymore as now former Bieber swagger coach Ryan Good, whose official title was “road manager,” has decided to move on. This will affect Justin Bieber in some way I guess.

Manager Scooter Braun tweeted Monday, “All u asking..ryan is going to pursue some of his dreams…we encourage him 2 go after his. he will always b a part of this family. always.”

Ryan, who formerly assisted Usher, was hired by Bieber’s people to help with his swagger.

Okay, I’m not sure I mentioned this but WHAT THE HELL IS A SWAGGER COACH?!

“I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do,” Bieber said in 2010, adding, “He has helped me with my style and just putting different pieces together and being able to layer and stuff like that.” HuffPo Celeb

Ohh, you mean a stylist for men. As in someone who’d stop Justin from looking like a 12-year-old lesbian. Why didn’t you say so in the first place? You don’t have to gentrify the name. No one will judge you, ya big queeah.

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