Justin Bieber’s Balls Have Dropped

Justin Bieber had trouble hitting the high notes while recording his Christmas duet with Mariah Carey. His manager Scooter Braun explains it’s because his balls have finally dropped.

“Vocally, his balls have dropped,” Braun says.

Island Def Jam Music Group (IDJMG) president/COO Steve Bartels puts it more gently. “The album really shows his growth as a young man, and his voice has just blossomed,” he says. “It will pleasantly surprise many people. It’s not your typical holiday album.”

There was one case in which a bass-ier Bieber wasn’t a bonus: his duet with Mariah Carey on her own smash “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which Carey suggested after hearing an early recording of Bieber’s solo take on it. The catch: It had to be sung in her original key.

“That was the hardest song to do,” Braun says. “A year ago that would have been no problem.”

“Yes, that was high,” Bieber says. “But I grinded it out and we got it down.”Billboard

That’s good news for Selena Gomez. I mean, at least after the initial awkward moment when adult Justin first drops his pants before sex, points to his crotch and yelps, “I’m a real boy now!”

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12 years ago

I think you mean her ovaries, don’t worry it’s an honest mistake :P


12 years ago

Is that like busting a nut?  I’ll bust one in that little opening…

12 years ago
Reply to  hehehe

What did every ones face look like probably amazed:) ;&