Kim Kardashian Is in an Unhappy Marriage

According to Life & Style, married life isn’t what Kim thought it would be. Turns out rushing into marriage for publicity isn’t such a good idea after all. Who would have guessed?

“Kim’s miserable,” a show source tells Life & Style magazine. “They’re always fighting.”

Kim’s said so herself. “I didn’t know marriage was going to be so hard,” she grieved to a friend at Clover Nails on Oct. 9 in NYC. “With all this travel and work, it’s been a big adjustment for both of us.”

“She doesn’t feel like she’s ready for the commitment,” a friend shares. “Kim feels this all happened too soon, that she didn’t take time to get to know Kris. She’s embarrassed — she rushed into things, and now she’s stuck.”

Not really stuck. Maybe for a year. Then she can get a divorce and get on the cover of PEOPLE again. Don’t worry, her mom will fill her in on the details.

Kim fears that Kris is using her for fame. “Kim is definitely worried that Kris isn’t mature enough and could be using her for her money — especially since he’s not working right now with the NBA lockout,” says the show source. “He tries to have creative input in Kourtney & Kim Take New York. It’s her show, and he tries to dominate it.”

Kris has also caused Kim to put her baby making plans on hold because he’s not sure where, or if, he’ll be playing basketball next year.

Sheesh. And life seemed so perfect. He was a pro-athlete and his name started with a K. To think, that wasn’t the stars aligning for Kim.

Kim’s not happy that they haven’t settled into a real home and are stuck at the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel in NYC. She’s unable to cook meals for Kris — and in turn, he has left Kim at the hotel on occasion and gone to grab burgers with his buddies.

Now, Kim’s heading for a separation as she travels to Dubai and Australia. “Kris is not invited — she’s leaving him behind,” notes the source. Hollywood Life

A Kardashian making poor life choices? This is unheard of. I… I don’t know what to make of this.

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10 years ago

Is this really a surprise? Afterall, this is yet another so-far-from-reality Hollywood marriage.

kids in the hall
kids in the hall
10 years ago

The only “happy marriage” involving Kim would be consummated by cutting her head off and fucking her neck. It’s a fact!

10 years ago

This is really really sad. Cancel all the stories on the economy, unemployment and wars. Check to see if Khloe is pregnant yet or if Kourtney’s baby daddy is still an ass.

(Made up) Film at 11…

10 years ago

She is a douche

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