Lindsay Lohan Is Doing It for the Money

Remember that joke I made about getting Lindsay Lohan to do anything just by waving a hundred in her face? I was being serious. Even Radar backs me up. They say Lindsay’s financial situation is so shaky that she was practically forced to take the Playboy gig.

The embattled actress is facing up to 18 months behind bars for a possible probation violation in her shoplifting case. LiLo’s probation violation hearing is scheduled for November 2.

“Lindsay still hasn’t signed her contract to be in the John Gotti biopic. Lindsay is extremely concerned about her finances, and she needs the money. Lindsay’s flow of income has been greatly diminished in the last year. With the possibility of being sent back to jail for over a year, she felt that now was the time to do the Playboy photo shoot,” a source close to the actress tells us. Radar

Plus, she’s not getting any younger. And she’s been waving that thing around town for half her career so getting paid for it seems like the next logical step.

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10 years ago

Why is this news?  She always does it for money…

mr haney
mr haney
10 years ago
Reply to  pimp

PS who wants to bet she’s all roast beef now???

10 years ago

It’s strange that she can’t even get ONE acting job.

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