Lindsay Lohan Will Not Be in Trouble

Everyone, prepare to be shocked. Lindsay Lohan will most likely not go to jail tomorrow. Sources in the Probation Department tell TMZ that Lindsay has done most of what she’s required to do and they won’t recommend she be thrown in the clink.

While they do admit she was kicked out of the Downtown Women’s Center for often not showing up, they note that she has a year to do 360 hours of community service and she’s still on track.

The Probation Department also say they’ve been in contact with Lindsay’s therapist and that she’s gone “regularly.” They don’t talk about Judge Stephanie Sautner’s order that she go once a week because she hasn’t. Her shrink, however, is satisfied.

Now it’s up to the judge to decide if Lindsay “went astray.” The answer is pretty clear though. She won’t be in any trouble. The only discipline she’ll have to suffer is a stern talking to. Celebrities in Hollywood are above the law. Lindsay could kill prostitutes and the worst that would happen is she would have to wake up at 7am to receive a medal for getting women off the streets.

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10 years ago

She looks Horrible! She was so beautiful with her Red hair and healthy skin, but now she looks like a Meth head or something.  Her teeth are gross and she looks rode hard and put away wet! Disgusting. Shame on her for ruining what many people dream of having, beauty, success, fortune. 

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