Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Revoked, Handcuffed in Court

Lindsay Lohan showed up for her day in court on Wednesday. It didn’t go as planned for Lindsay. Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lindsay Lohan’s probation and had her taken away in cuffs. She set a hearing for November 2 where she could sentence Lindsay to a  year and a half in jail. Though, according to the judge, that will be highly unlikely due to new laws and overcrowding.

Sautner said Lindsay was personally responsible for being axed from the Downtown Women’s Center where she no-showed 9 times. The judge got pretty pissed when she read back that Lindsay said the Women’s Center work wasn’t fulfilling because she wasn’t interacting with anyone and that she no-showed because of “work”. Sautner added that her time at the Red Cross won’t count towards her hours.

The Judge also doubted Lindsay attended sessions with her shrink once a week, as the Judge required.

The judge dismissed Shawn Holley’s argument that Lindsay had to leave town to work, and that’s why she missed a number of community service appointments, saying, “She’s supposed to be an actress, from what I hear.”

Judge Sautner recalled all the screw ups Lindsay has had in her court cases, reminding Holley that “Probation is a Gift.”

The judge could barely contain her contempt for the Probation Dept., which gave Lindsay a glowing report. Judge Sautner said the Probation Dept. had no authority to send Lindsay to the Red Cross to do her community service and said Lindsay would not get credit for the time she served there.

Before Lindsay was taken away in cuffs, the judge said Lindsay must complete 16 hours at the morgue before the November 2 hearing. TMZ

Of course, right after Lindsay was cuffed, Lindsay’s bail bondsman’s ears perked up, went to court and will be bailing her out soon. As often as Lindsay Lohan gets cuffed, they should make a custom set of handcuffs for her and etch her name into them. I think that’d be a nice touch.

A couple of satisfying videos after the jump.

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12 years ago

Shes an Actress BWAAAAH!!!!!
Im the king of France!!!
Look at the Crocodile Hunter lookalike waiting to Pounce !!!