Lindsay Will Do Full Frontal for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan is pretty much broke relative to her peers so she’s at the mercy of anyone that will give her money. Hence, why she’s taking off all her clothes for her nude spread in Playboy. None of that BS handbra stuff.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t wuss out for her Playboy shoot — TMZ has learned, the actress will BARE ALL in her upcoming spread … i.e. the holy trifecta … or as one source close to Playboy put it, “boobs, ass, and vag.”

Reports circulated Lindsay would pull one of those lame semi-nude fiascos — all sideboob, no fun — but sources close to Hef & co. tell us, that is NOT the case. Lindsay did insist the photos be “tastefully done,” but we’re told she’s still going the full monty. TMZ

Lindsay is hurting for money so badly that it seems all anyone has to do is wave a Benjamin in front of her face, shout “yoo hoo” to get her attention and she’ll do whatever they want. In this case, spread her legs and smile for the camera.

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