Phoebe Roberts Denies Liev Schreiber Affair

The Dirty claimed Phoebe Roberts, co-worker of Liev Schreiber, had an affair with him on September 24 when she went back to his apartment after a wrap party.

Phoebe finally spoke out denying the reports. Roberts said, “nothing inappropriate” happened. I did not and am not having a sexual relationship with Liev Schreiber. We have a professional relationship. We worked together on a film and nothing inappropriate occurred between us.”

A spokesman for Schreiber said, “This is a complete fabrication and I’m passing it along to Mr. Schrieber’s attorney to handle.”

Schreiber himself has not commented. Instead, he’s keeping silent while his legal pit bulls scour the internet and tell blogs to 404 the offending article. I suppose that can be considered a denial too?

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Truth Fairy
Truth Fairy
11 years ago

Schreiber is douchy enough to cheat but why would any woman want to cheat with HIM? I would think it would be hard for him to find women to cheat with. He’s gross to say the least and just a bit actor – he is in OTHER people’s movies – he’s not someone with power.