Sara Leal Had Unsafe Sex With Ashton Kutcher

Tired of waiting for that hush money, Sara Leal sold her interview to Us Magazine and The Sun. She confirms to the publications that her pimp did bring her and three other girls up to Ashton Kutcher’s room at the Hard Rock in San Diego on his sixth wedding anniversary.

The four girls turned to two and Ashton and them all got naked in the hot tub. Ashton wanted a three some with her friend Marta Borzuchowski at first but eventually Marta left. Then they had unprotected sex for two hours.

“He just came up and kissed me,” the Texas native tells Us of Kutcher’s first bold move in the wee hours; minutes later, Leal, Kutcher and another young woman were completely nude and in a hot tub on the balcony.

“I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary,” Leal admits. “I wasn’t self-conscious about getting naked.” Us Magazine

Not a lot of would-be escorts are self-conscious about getting naked. I assumed that was part of the job description.

Regardless, Ashton fed her the line that she was “separated” from Demi Moore and of course Leal believed him. She was going to have sex with him anyway so that just made it easier.

After retreating to Kutcher’s bedroom past 6 a.m., “he lost his towel and I took my robe off,” Leal says. “Then we had sex.”

“He was good,” Leal reveals. “It wasn’t weird or perverted.” It also wasn’t 100 percent safe, either: Leal tells Us that Kutcher did not wear a condom during their one-on-one encounter. Us Magazine

This is good news for Leal. Hopefully she gets pregnant and scores those five figure child support checks. That’s the American dream.

The post-coital talk was a little unexpected, she confesses; the duo talked astrology (they’re both Aquarius), religion, love, even politics. “I told him I was a Lutheran from Texas. He said, ‘Oh my gosh! Are you a Republican?'” Leal says.

Democratic-leaning Kutcher quizzed her on “up-and-coming candidates. I said Rick Perry. He asked if I’d vote for him. I said I didn’t know and he laughed. He laughed at pretty much everything I said.”

But it wasn’t all twenty questions between the lovers, according to Leal. After having sex for a second time — and arguing over Leal’s cell phone — the married Two and a Half Men star was tender.

“He was like, ‘I enjoy things like this because I’m an actor 90 percent of the time nd it’s fake. It’s nice to have moments that are real,'” Leal recalls.Us Magazine

Whoa, slow down, Ashton Kutcher. You already slept with her twice. You don’t need to butter her up anymore.

One thing Us doesn’t mention that The Sun does is:

“He had great endurance. We were up for a while. It was about two hours.”

Sara told how they fell asleep after their romp. Then Ashton congratulated himself on his conquest before she left at around 9am on Saturday, September 24 — his wedding anniversary.

Sara said: “The last thing I remember him saying was he did a good job. We woke up and I was wearing a robe. He opened it up and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ He was like, ‘Just checking. OK, I did good! You’re really pretty.’ ” The Sun

Is that when he told her to “shut up, I’m talking to your vagina?” Geez. I don’t want to know why Ashton needs to double check the girl he had drunken sex with. It’s like he still remembers how he once woke up with a Snooki next to him.

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12 years ago

how come the women that these men cheat with are so gross?  At least he could have cheated with someone attractive.  It’s like Tiger all over again.  Hoping he gets VD

12 years ago

-Look you’ve got it all wrong: Demi _is_ Snooki’s sister.    !

12 years ago

…or like that time he woke up with s**t all over his lips and his butt was sore…

12 years ago

Not to give Ashton excuses for his actions but this is one of those “issues” that it’d be interesting to know the other side? Not saying its excusable but is it possible the age difference may have factored in? Although for an older lady (if comparison to Ashton) she is very attractive but it is possible she has not libido or interest in “pleassure”? Although it is agree that for the most part men are pigs there are reasons we act the way we do. For instance, if you are seperated by a long distance for long periods of time… Read more »