Selena Gomez Drops More Cleavage in Behind the Scenes Promo

These screen caps are from a behind the scenes video for the promo Selena Gomez did for the MTV EMAs coming up. The one where she dressed like a ghetto girl which meant wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt over a bra and baggy jeans. Which is pretty cool. More celebrities should adopt this style.

On another note, how lame are the MTV EMAs that they need a behind the scenes look at the shooting of a 40 second promo? A promo for a promo? It’s like the biggest star next to Selena Gomez at the EMAs is an American Idol contestant who got fifth place and a dog who can bark the alphabet.

  • Rebecca

    this is pretty fuckin douchey

  • someone

    this is so unneccesarily mean and spiteful. do you know her personally? what did she ever do to you? when she reads this how disheartened do you think she is going to be?

  • jay

    So … a teenage girl is disturbed by the idea of thousands of creepy old men having sexual fantasies about her. This is what we used to call “healthy”.

  • Anna Vink

    wtf is your problem

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