Selena Gomez Goes Full Chola

Selena Gomez filmed a promo for the MTV EMA’s and went full chola. According to legend, this happens when you utter the enchanted phrase, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most stereotypical latina of them all?” Also, I’d be remiss not to point out the obvious cleavage flashing.

In related news, a 46-year-old stalker by the name of Thomas Brodnicki told his shrink he was going to kill Selena Gomez as per God’s orders.

According to the declarations of Selena and her lawyer, Blair Berk … Brodnicki told the shrink he traveled from Chicago to L.A. to meet her, visited her workplace at least 3 times and has told people he had conversations with God about killing her. Selena says she is in “extreme fear,” believing he will carry out his death threat against her if he isn’t stopped. TMZ

I know the fact that Justin Bieber being all up in Selena’s business has ruined her for all of us, but don’t you think this is going a little too far, Brodnicki?

  • Rebecca

    this is pretty fuckin douchey

  • someone

    this is so unneccesarily mean and spiteful. do you know her personally? what did she ever do to you? when she reads this how disheartened do you think she is going to be?

  • jay

    So … a teenage girl is disturbed by the idea of thousands of creepy old men having sexual fantasies about her. This is what we used to call “healthy”.

  • Anna Vink

    wtf is your problem

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