Steven Tyler Loses Teeth in the Shower

Steven Tyler was hospitalized today after losing two teeth during a futile fight with his shower floor at the Bourbon Hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay. Organizers for his concert blamed the fall on food poisoning which caused Tyler to become disorientated and dehydrated.

The rocker has vowed to perform the concert tomorrow, obviously keen not to repeat the events of two years ago when a broken shoulder forced the band to scrap a North American tour, after he fell off stage in South Dakota.

Tyler received stitches and had emergency dental work done during a nearly four-hour stay at the La Costa medical center in Paraguay’s capital, according to a hospital statement. Daily Mail

You know you’re getting old when you slip and fall in the shower. That’s like a rite of passage for old people. Though it’s sad to see Steven Tyler now become a punchline to a Medic Alert bracelet commercial. Poor guy, he probably chases shots with Metamucil now.

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