The ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Is Really Happening

After years of begging and pleading followed by constant rumors, fans of Arrested Development have all but given up hope that there would be a movie. Until now. Unfurl those ascots and prepare to throw them into the air because your wish has been granted. The Bluths are back.

Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz revealed during the cast reunion at the New Yorker festival that not only would Arrested Development head to the big screen, but there will be one last season consisting of nine to ten “where are they now” episodes as a lead in to the film.

What is this salty discharge coming from my eye?! Hopefully this won’t be a case of “too little too late” because then I’d look like a real idiot for telling everyone this was one of the funniest shows ever. Don’t make a fool out of me, Bluths!

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12 years ago

No one will let this go
wheres the Parker Lewis cant Lose Flick?

we win
we win
12 years ago

Finally, the lowest common denominator and unfunny execs lose.