‘The Simpsons’ Renewed for Two More Seasons

Congratulations, everyone. Your favorite husk of a show has been renewed for two more seasons. That’s two more years of telling people how good the previous seasons were.

Earlier, reports indicated that unless Fox and voice actors for The Simpsons could reach a new deal, which involved a large pay cut, this would have been the last season of the show. Fox wanted the actors to take a 45% cut. The actors countered with a 30% pay cut but wanted profits off the back-end.

On Sunday, Fox released a statement saying: “In the words of Homer Simpson, ‘Woo Hoo! I outlasted Andy Rooney!'” Negotiations were a success and they had renewed the series for two more seasons. While the actors won’t get back-end payments, they did get their 30% reduction in pay.

Now instead of $440,000 per episode, they’ll make $300,000. That amounts to $6 million per season or, in terms Ashton Kutcher can understand, ten times the amount he has to pay that girl he slept with to keep her mouth shut.

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